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ServiceNow is creating change with our commitment to equity of opportunity.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We are creating energy, optimism, and space to belong—for everyone.

Doing things differently

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April 2020
At ServiceNow, our purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people.
We’re living in a difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted how we live and work. Xenophobia and racist incidents toward Asian communities have become a vehicle for darkness. But during challenge and controversy, staying true to what we stand for makes us all stronger.
For more than a month, our 10,000-plus employees have kept our business running and supported our customers—using videoconferencing, cell phones, and chat from home offices and kitchen tables—while also caring for family, children, pets, and neighbors.
During this time, technology has acted in service of people. It has given us a welcome glimpse into people’s lives. Cats on keyboards. Kids connecting to virtual classrooms. Partners offering a shoulder massage to ease the strain of sitting all day.
During a crisis that could’ve pulled us apart, we have come closer together. And, we believe our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging has made that possible.
We encourage employees to be their real selves and to share the stories that make them who they are. Because as we’ve learned the past few months, life doesn’t pause. Even when the toilet paper runs out. Instead, we’ve found that people are relieved—and even comforted—when they see life interrupting work.
Now, in our third diversity report, we’ll share what we’re doing differently to create a culture of belonging, and to treat all voices with the respect and compassion they deserve:
    ? Equity of opportunity - We are building a fair system of opportunity and treatment for everyone in our company. We have achieved pay parity between women and men in the US—and are within one penny of pay equity for our employees around the world.

    ? Women in leadership - Our VP-plus representation has increased double digits in the past three years. Women in VP-plus positions are almost at par with our overall female representation—and we have a healthy pipeline.

    ? Continual learning - We lead by learning. From our individual mini-moments to our experiences as communities, we meet people where they are to educate, engage, and challenge ourselves to be allies for voices that may be missing.
We embrace diversity, inclusion, and belonging as a business imperative. It’s a cultural value and a shared commitment across our global leadership team, who all signed their name to this report.
We are creating energy, optimism, and space to belong. For everyone.
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Creating change

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are essential to who we are, how we’ll grow, and how we’ll innovate.

Growing our communities

Growing our communities

To unlock the magic that comes from diversity of thought, we invite people of different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions to contribute.

Practicing a growth mindset

Practicing a growth mindset

We’re big believers in continual learning. We are open to trying new things. Together, we can do more than when we act alone.

Inviting dialogue

Inviting dialogue

We encourage our people to show up as themselves. We trust in transparency. Conversations are two?way. Our approach helps everyone understand that we are part of a collective company purpose.

Evolving inclusive practices and programs

Evolving inclusive practices and programs

When everyone can benefit, everyone will benefit. We don’t just check a box. We drive real, lasting change.

Our stories

No labels, no limits

“Growing up with a visual disability, I naturally gravitated toward computers and assistive technology...”

Creating equality

“This company has a purpose I truly believe in. It also sees and believes in me.”

A sense of confidence

“I am free to speak, to be who I am. I have never felt so free and accepted.”

A place here for everyone

"The mindset here is very understanding and it's very inspiring."

Tony M.

Manager, Content Tools and Engineering

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I don't feel that I can have a label put on me because I am made up of so many little things. I really enjoy local history. I love to bake. I love to experiment with desserts. I also love to travel and have been to some cool places over the past handful of years.

I taught myself how to program computers at the age of 13. Growing up with a visual disability, I naturally gravitated toward computers and assistive technology, believing strongly that they held the key to my future education and career success. Having a computer with synthesized speech allowed me to type my reports and have content read back to me while I was in school. Throughout my career, assistive technologies have given me access to email, calendars, the web, and everything else that my sighted colleagues have. I have always been interested in communication, and my role now motivates me to be a good manager and a good communicator.

Throughout my life, I realized that hiding or playing down my disability isn’t in my best interest. It's who I am. I have a disability and I should own that; one of the ways that I can do so is by owning my own story. I think that most people who get labeled really are so much more than just what's in that label or what's behind that label. Maybe if people are seeing this, maybe they'll realize, “You know what? My story is pretty interesting, too. Maybe I want to share it as well.”

Surbhi S.

Senior Talent Services Partner

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The whole life process of finding our own identity is hard enough. But in ServiceNow's culture of belonging, who I am is not only acknowledged and welcomed but even celebrated. I think that's the jackpot.

There's something about this place from the minute you step in that makes you ask…is it the people? Is it the purpose? And once you're here for a while, you understand that it's all of it, together. It's the culture. There's this undercurrent of passion that I can feel when I interact with different people and I see that there's a place here for everybody.

The concept of diversity is a no brainer. Shared success equals more success. The more that I involve and include people, the different kinds of people that I welcome into my life and work, the better and more informed my perspectives are. One of the common things among all of us is how different we are.

But when things get hard, that's when we come together. Especially now. We make space to accommodate each other. That's something that I have seen firsthand. While work is an integral part of my life, there's also other stuff that life keeps flinging at me. The mindset here is very understanding and it's very inspiring.

Every time I've interacted with somebody in my team, they've made me a person first and a co-worker second. They ask me about how I'm doing, how things are with my family - and that really helps me feel confident that yes, they see me as a person, for who I am, and where I'm at.

That, I think, is amazing.

Laura M.

Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Eastern Region

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I'm from a family of immigrants. My parents were born and raised in Panama. Spanish was their first language. But they faced economic challenges there and wanted to provide a future for their children with more education and career opportunities for success. So, my parents left behind their family and friends in Panama to move to the United States. My father joined the U.S. Air Force. They stationed him in Bermuda, where I was born, and then we moved to California.

My family faced discrimination, which made it difficult to secure housing and I knew then that I must be someone who creates equality in the world. I want people of different races and other identities to be treated fairly. I earned a joint JD and MBA degree to defend and support people who experience social injustice and face economic disadvantages. It means so much to me to give back to and support my communities. And yet, when people look at me, they make assumptions about who I am and the scope of my potential, but their assumptions are rarely accurate. I’m Hispanic, Black, Caribbean, and an immigrant.

I can share my story and be my authentic self at ServiceNow. For us, empathy and belonging are at the core of our culture. My colleagues celebrate my many layered experiences because they value my point of view. My peers listen with respect and an open mind and the company contributes to the causes I serve. When I come to work, there’s a palpable growth mindset here. I am respected, listened to, I feel safe, and I am at the table influencing the strategy of the company. This company has a purpose I truly believe in. It also sees and believes in me.

Roberto T.

Senior Payroll Analyst

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Companies like ServiceNow bring people and community together. I see this every day at work. I am a member of one of the communities that brings a lot of diversity, inclusion, and belonging…the LGBTQ+ community. I moved from Colombia and was living in the US for seven years where I met my Dutch partner. We've been in the Netherlands for 10 years now and together 13 years. I moved for love.

My team at work enjoys working together and part of the reason is because we are really diverse. We have Dutch. We have someone from Cameroon. My colleague is from Guyana. Another was born in Aruba, raised in Venezuela. It’s the variety of backgrounds and people in the group that makes it a really fun place to work. I’m always learning.

The difference in coming to a growing company is that there is a lot to do. There is a lot to support, to give, to help, to build, to bring that sense of belonging because you are part of it. You're part of the change and you're part of the growth.

Like many people, I was kind of waiting to get out of my shell somehow and expressing myself. I wish I would have found ServiceNow 20 years ago to help me get this sense of confidence for the person that I am. At ServiceNow, I am free to speak, to be who I am. I have never felt so free and accepted. I don't feel any restrictions. I say, "This is me," and I think that says everything.

Our data

Through a fair system of opportunity and treatment for all—we are creating a movement of change.

Global gender


Global leaders

Leadership roles are defined here as director level and above.

Global technical positions

Technical roles are defined here by job codes designating positions with technology responsibilities.

Global nontechnical positions

Race and Ethnicity in the US

Racial and ethnic categories reflect our EEO-1 reporting. May not combine to 100% due to rounding.

Leaders in the US

Leadership roles are defined here as director level and above.

Technical positions in the US

Technical roles are defined here by job codes designating positions with technology responsibilities.

Nontechnical positions in the US


ServiceNow is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or nationality, ancestry, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status or any other category protected by law.

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