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Performance Analytics

Put the power of data into the hands of the stakeholders and subject matter experts who are responsible for successful service delivery.

Best practice KPIs and dashboards

Unlock value with out?of?the?box content tuned for measuring your ServiceNow processes and apps. Tap into industry—leading metrics and benchmarks to improve performance.

Real-time visibility

Make better decisions and answer questions on the spot with instant access to current, live data—not the static charts from yesterday’s meeting or last week’s presentation.

Knowledge sharing during work process with Knowledge Management technology

Analytics Hub

Empower business workers to analyze, compare, and predict results using an intuitive, immersive studio.


Focus workers on what they should prioritize. Use business requirements instead of gut?feeling to rank tasks or records, based on what’s important to your organization.

Additional Performance Analytics features

Trusted information

Use the real?time, in?platform data as your single source of truth—and stop questioning the validity of spreadsheets and scattered information.

Security and scale

Rest easy while your data stays secure and automatically scales within the ServiceNow cloud. Platform permissions apply consistently across reports, dashboards, and record?level data, so there’s no chance of exposing information to the wrong audience.

In-form analytics

Act quickly with confidence and deliver contextual answers to your teams. Use embedded dashboards and KPIs within existing forms to enhance your decision?making.

Bring-your-own data

Blend and analyze in?platform performance results with existing Excel worksheets or JDBC data sources. Get the full picture by visualizing the relationships between your ServiceNow processes and externally?collected data.

Benefits of Performance Analytics

Anticipate trends

Monitor performance to identify areas for improvement and detect service bottlenecks, before they occur.

Prioritize resources

Bring clarity to what matters and quickly re-direct service coverage where it’s needed most.

Maximize automation and self-service

Pinpoint where automation and self-service can increase efficiency.

Guide continual service improvement

Take action on KPIs using Analytics Hub, time charts, forecasts, breakdowns, and dashboards.

Act with confidence

Propel the business and results forward by aligning service and operations with company strategy.

Performance Analytics is part of the Now Platform

Simplify how work gets done and deliver intuitive experiences using a powerful workflow engine with native artificial intelligence on the Now Platform?.

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