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ServiceNow Now Creator Customer Success Center
ServiceNow Now Creator Customer Success Center

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Hear from other Now Creators

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Bruno Santos profile
I’ve been developing on the Now Platform for?over five years, and I’ve found that one of the best places to spend time is in Now Community. I can ask questions or ask for advice, and?I get a lot of satisfaction from helping other developers with their projects?as well. I’ve been able to?increase my own knowledge?in every aspect of my job—and?develop better apps.?
As a bonus, being a?Now Creator means I’ve been recognized for helping other Now Creators, which gives me even more pull when I have a suggestion for the team. Plus, I know that?recognition?will matter if I join the job market again. I started by adding my role to my profile and?discovered a passion?for helping others succeed.?I’m looking forward to the next milestone.?

Hear from other Now Creators

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Bruno Santos profile
Being a Now Creator is?a great way for me to showcase my experience and knowledge of the Now Platform?with my clients, both current and prospective.?Like most people, I’m competitive and strive to be the best I can be, so having?levels of Super Badges?that I can be recognized for is the?best part of being a Now Creator.??
I check in every couple of days looking for ways to?earn that next badge and increase my knowledge of the Now Platform. I also find information that keeps me ahead of the game in other areas of, including Now Learning, Saba Cloud, the Partner Portal, Community, ServiceNow Product Docs, and HI—no matter what I’m trying to do, these resources teach me how to do it more successfully.??

Hear from other Now Creators

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Bruno Santos profile
We’ve been using ServiceNow at T-Mobile for a long time and I’ve worked with the platform long enough to be an expert, but I never had a way to show or prove these skills—that is, not until I became a Now Creator. Since I started after already having a lot of ServiceNow experience, meeting milestones has been easy so far, and I can display my expertise through the badges on my profile.
I am an architect managing a 20+ person dev team, and I know that if I require greater expertise than my team members have, they can learn as Now Creators. And when we need more from ServiceNow, I know I can find other Now Creator pros to help my team and the company move forward successfully.

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